Check Your Disk!

Check Your Disk! 0.8 Beta

Check how much drive space your folders take


  • No installation required
  • Easy to use
  • Handy visual size statistics
  • You can browse the graphic


  • You can't compare folder or drive size
  • You can't generate a report


If you've always wanted to see how disk space is distributed among folders but didn't feel like checking them one by one on Windows Explorer, here's the tool you need.

With Check Your Disk! you can analyze your hard drive – or any folder inside it – and obtain a colored pie chart that helps you get an idea of how space is distributed. The program is written in Java, doesn't require installation and is really easy to use.

Simply select the drive or folder you want to analyze and let Check Your Disk! do the job. Once the analysis is finished, you can browse through the pie chart by clicking on the different portions, and see size figures in real time.

What Check Your Disk! doesn't feature is the ability to compare folders or drives between them, aor the ability to generate reports with the information the program has obtained in its analysis.

Check Your Disk! is a quick, simple way of analyzing the way your drive space is distributed among different folders without any effort.

Check Your Disk!


Check Your Disk! 0.8 Beta

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